An interactive system to extract graphs from relational databases


GraphWrangler Demo Video (Watch it on YouTube)

GraphWrangler is a system that allows users to connect to an RDBMS and within a few clicks extract graphs out of their tabular data, visualize and explore these graphs, and automatically generate scripts for their ETL pipelines.
With GraphWrangler, a user can
1. Get a graph view on RDBMS immediately
2. Streamline the ETL pipeline to convert tables into graphs

GraphWrangler adopts the predictive interaction framework and internally uses a data transformation language that is a subset of SQL. GW currently supports wrangling graphs out of MySQL and generates scripts to import graphs to Graphflow.

GraphWrangler Overview
Overview of GraphWrangler workflow



GraphWrangler: An Interactive Graph View on Relational Data

Nafisa Anzum, Semih Salihoglu, Daniel Vogel
Demo paper @ SIGMOD-2019


We are developing GraphWrangler in the Data Systems Group (DSG) Lab, with a collaboration of Human Computer Interaction (HCI) Lab at University of Waterloo.


Nafisa Anzum

Master's Student